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Our mobile trading apps are tailored for iPhone, iPad and Android devices to give you the best possible trading experience and full control over your account.
Our Intuitive Platform
Our revolutionary, cutting-edge trading platform is one of a kind. We are constantly working on improvements and adding new functionalities and features.
Execution Control
Execute trades at lightning speed with our state-of-the-art technology. Control exactly when and where your trades are executed. For example, our one-click trade feature allows you to trade almost instantly.
Safety & Security for Your Funds
Our first and foremost priority is and remains your privacy and peace of mind. That's why we implement state-of-the-art security measures with 100% SSL encryption to ensure your funds are always secure.
Why You Should Choose TDS Capital Group
Our Vision
We want to unleash your trading potential and financial acumen through our intuitive and innovative technology. Our vision is built on the foundation of mutual respect and trust between us and our customers, as we work continuously to expand our range of services. Our core values and principles are innovation, transparency and growth.
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If you trade with us, you can:
Crypto trading enables you to open several trades with relatively little capital and no fees to third parties. Unlike traditional trading, you don't actually have to buy an asset. This means that there is no paperwork and you are not forced into contracts with brokerage firms or banks. You can simply register with us, deposit money into a strictly separate trading account and start investing immediately.
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