Withdrawal Policy

If you have invested money in cryptocurrencies and wish to make a withdraw, there are some rules you need to take into account.

The First Withdrawal – Things To Keep In Mind

There is no doubt that your deposits and investments could be spread over the years and it might allow you to go in for partial withdrawals and this could be spread over weeks, months and years. Hence, it may not be possible for you to submit withdrawal forms and declarations each time you take money out from your savings and other accumulations. Hence, known the steps for TDS for first-time withdrawals is something that you must be aware of. There are a few standard documents that are asked for by all those stakeholders where you might have made investments.

Photo ID

To begin with a valid photo ID is a must. It could either be driving license, or any other official documents of the government that establishes the identity of the person who wishes to make a withdrawal. You also must be sure that the photo IDs are valid as on the date on which they are submitted. The validity period must be extended till such time you continue to make withdrawals.

Residential Address Proof

You also must submit a valid and legally enforceable proof of address. The proof must be dated within the last 180 days or six months. There are many documents available for address proof and could include credit card statements, driving license, social security card amongst other things.

Copy Of Latest Credit Card/Cards

A copy of the credit card (valid and running) must also be submitted. The photocopy of the credit card should cover both the front and the back sides. For the sake of your safety and secrecy, you must ensure that only the last four digits of the credit card are visible. If you have more than one credit card, you must ensure that you send copies of the same. These are required for making deposits and also for withdrawing funds as and when they mature, or as and when you need the same.