Privacy Policy

TDS Capital Group guarantees complete security and privacy as well as secrecy for each of its customers and accounts. for the secrecy privecy of its clients, non of the information will be used unfairly in any situation.

The Privacy Policy of the company says that a client or clients will have to provide some secret information required for the confirmation of their identity as well as keeping their trading accounts and deposits safe when they sign up with the company. The information thus collected will be protected by the company by using the best means of security and safety as much as possible.

While participating in trading with the company the clients are required to authenticate that the personal information provided by them is completely authentic and they are joining with the company in the trading on their own and they are trading neither on behalf of someone else nor pretend to be someone else. TDS Capital Group can take a strict legal action against the client or clients if they are found involved in such impersonating activities.

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The process of the company to collect data of its clients is consist of the data provided by the clients on their own as well as collecting the information about the ways they adopted to join the website of the company by using the cookies of the website. The data collecting procedures of this kind is used only the ensure the client’s protection as well as they are shared only with the individual, inside the company, worried about the verification of the information of its customers and it will not be distributed with any other business or individual.

TDS Capital Group will not distribute the personal information of its clients with any organization or individual or any other third entity in any case, without getting written consent from the client concerned and verified by him/her. Such exposure will be done only if required for legal purposes. In any other situation, the personal information of the client will be used only for protecting the personal accounts of the client by running a verification analysis.

When a client registers with TDS Capital Group for its services and products then he/she agrees for the use of his/her personal information by the company for the interaction of any kind made by the client for or by the company or maintaining his trading account.

TDS Capital Group will save every type of interaction made by the client to use in future if any dispute arises between the company and the client.

TDS Capital Group as a company guarantees the safety of the data and information of the clients by using every possible method that a company can use. Newly developed software used by the company to ensure safety of the client’s data will be updated consistently for the purpose of the safety of the information.

TDS Capital Group, as a company, will use the email address or phone number of the client to remain in touch with him/her as well as to inform him/her in regard to their trading account or crypto currencies. They can also used contact details if the client from time to time to inform them about the promotional offers and newsletter. The client/s will agree with the company’s terms and conditions when he responds to such emails and phone calls. The client can also use the contact number or email address of the company to inform about their desire to unsubscribe from such emails and phone calls if he wants to opt out from them.


In order to protect clients’ personal information the company will use Secure Socket Layer or SSL. Before the information is transferred to the computer of the company, it will be encrypted by SSL. The company guarantees the safety of the personal information of its clients, even from its own employees unless he is worried about the storage of his information, just by filling up a registration form. In order to protect the information provided by its clients the company will make the best possible efforts. When the client uses the detail of net banking, credit or debit card, the company does not maintain any record. Any information about the debit or credit card of the client will not be revealed by the company in any circumstances unless required by the client himself, by the government or the credit card company.