KYC Policy

All the clients need the following document to verify the TDS Capital Group Trader account.

  • Proof of Residence – You can provide your bank statement for the last three months. Make sure that the statement has your address and name. Also, you can replace the statement with a recent utility bill.
  • Proof of Identity – For the proof identity, you can provide the back and front photo of a valid photo ID that includes Driver’s License, Passport, and your National Identity Card.

When the account is funded by a debit or credit card, you need to offer the following additional documents.

  • Proof of Payment – You will need to provide the back and front of the debit or credit card that you have used for the deposits. It is important to cover the 12 digits of the card number that you will find on the front of the card for the security purposes. You can also cover the CVV code available on the back side. Some important information that includes your name, the last four digits of your card number, and the expiration date should be clearly visible. If you have used some other’s card for the deposit, then to have to offer proof of residence and proof of identity along with the proof of the payment.
  • Transaction Authorization Form – You will also get a Declaration of Deposit form on the website. Just print and fill the form with all the required information and submit after signing by hand. If required, keep a photocopy of the form. Make sure that you have signed at the bottom of the page and next to the recorded transaction.

In addition to the above requirement, you will have to ensure that all the documents are in color, clear, and uncropped. As you want to know your customer well, they also want proper verification. Submit your documents within fourteen business days. Otherwise, they will block your account from trading.


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