Bonus policy

Bonus policy

TDS Capital provides different types of bonuses to the traders with the aim to help them start crypto trading online. Below is a breakdown of their functionalities and how to acquire them.

  1. Pending Bonus – TDS Capital give merchants some specific bonuses. The bonus will then be moved to your account. It will be waiting for a trading volume that is as much as 20 times the amount of the bonus. This will also be performed alongside the deposit money for incentives that are up to 50%. Each bonus is going to be included as long as it satisfies the trading volume requirement and the support approvals it. The money can be withdrawn at any time you wish before it gets to the volume that was traded for the bonus to be obtained.
  2. First Trade Risk-Free Bonus Policy – There are times TDS Capital will provide bonuses that range between 10% and 50% the initial deposit amount to merchants enabling them to open their initial position using the bonus amount. The money will be refunded by the FTRF policy in case the original trade expire out-of-the-money. If that happens then the bonus will be utilized and the investment funds are going to be added back to the merchants account automatically. However, the bonus cannot be applied and can also be canceled under the following circumstances:
    1. The investment selected by the client is more than the FTFR bonus.
    2. The client uses the sell back button for the original trade.
  3. Immediate Cash Bonus – This policy will enable merchants to use this bonus for trading instantly. It can be withdrawn when you attain a trading volume that is 30 times the deposit amount and cash bonus. Once a withdrawal request is received and the trading volume limit has not yet been achieved then all the profits will be canceled alongside the cash bonus. Only the initial deposit might be withdrawn.
  4. Tradable Bonus – On some cases , TDS Capital-Group might provide its clients with a tradable bonus that will be valid for a withdrawal once achieving the trader-points in a value of 50% from the given bonus. Each trader-point is equal to $400,000 in trading volume.

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Overall Terms for All Bonuses

TDS Capital has all the exclusive rights to set, annul and alter any requirements for one to be given a bonus according to the company’s own discretion. The policy is going to be made public by TDS Capital whereby you are going to be eligible to cash out any bonus you get. You are at liberty to annul or enhance that given policy.

There are times TDS Capital may offer refunds for losses but at their own discretion and you don’t have the right to claim any type of refund.

Terms and Conditions

The company encourages its clients to take the offers given. They are however to be used within the allowed time alone .TDS Capital has the right to revoke bonuses in any case they are abused and not used in the right manner. The decision is normally final.

You will not be able to return a bonus once it goes to the trading account. By accepting a bonus in your trading account it means that you agree with all the terms and conditions of the company. In any case, you request a withdrawal and the required turnover is not achieved the bonus will be canceled there and then.